Stained glass of Sainte Clotilde in Notre Dame church, Les Andelys

Les Andelys France

Petit Andely Saint Sauveur Church

Grand Andely Our Lady Collegiate Church

En Francais : Les Eglises des Andelys andelys

Petit Andely Saint Sauveur Church

Building Chateau-Gaillard required the presence of over three thousands workers in les Andelys. The Saint-Sauveur church was built for them. Works started in 1198 and were finished four years later, in 1202, that is why the church has an outstanding unity.

Outisde, note :

  • the greek cross structure,
  • the elegant spire,
  • the blessing Christ (13th century) in the entrance of the church.

Inside, note :

  • the gothic choir,
  • the pipe organ, one of France's most beautiful ones. (1674)

saint sauveur andely
Saint-Sauveur church, Les Andelys

Notre-Dame church, Les Andelys

Grand Andely Notre Dame Collegiate Church

This is the very place where the Queen Clotilde, wife of Clovis, founded the first norman abbey in 511. The construction of the present church started in the 13th century and spread over a period of 500 years.  

Outside, note :

  • the nearly-rectangular form, unusual for a church.
  • the gothic façade and the two towers.
  • the side gates, flamboyant on garden side, Renaissance on street side.

Inside, note :

  • the huge window closing the choir (P. Gaudin, 1937)
  • the 16th century stained glasses, describing scenes of the Saints' lifes. Chappells 2 and 4 feature Sainte-Clotilde.
  • the 1573 carved organ case.
  • the Christ Entombment in the Sepulcher chapell.
  • the paintings by Quentin Varin, Nicolas Poussin's master.

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